Aleksei Savchenko «Energy Nature of Configurational (mixing) Entropy


Aleksei Savchenko
«Energy Nature of Configurational (mixing) Entropy, its Interconnection with Matter and Physical Vacuum and the Possibility of Generation of entropy and Anti-entropy flows”

It is shown, that the entropy of mixing is of the energy nature (not only statistical one, as the probability of state). Energetic entropy processes (in ideal mixing) are not observable, because of their hidden nature (simultaneously occurs the emission and absorption of heat). But they are reflected in the changes of energy condition of Physical Vacuum (PV). A hypothesis is proposed, in which changes in the entropy of mixing are analyzed as linked with the interaction between matter and Physical Vacuum. Experimental results were carried out of interaction between Physical Vacuum and material bodies in different energetic exposures, including distanced, which resulted in body mass reduction due to increase in energetic density of Physical Vacuum around them. The same effect is observed during the increase of mixing entropy – it points out on its energetic nature, not only the measure of disorder. A hypothesis is conceived to explain the antigravity effects from the conducted experiments.
There was an attempt to find correlation by the use of Lenz’s Rule between the rise in entropy and Universe expansion, and also some particularities of Universal expansion with possibility to exceed the speed of light. A physical explanation of Nikolai Kozyrev’s experiments is proposed. Methods of entropy and anti-entropy stream (flow) generation, arising in the forced mode use of vortex heat generators, were tested, as were practical uses of received effects for purification of solutions from impurities and for metals melting at lower temperatures. Probable energetic effects that appear at fast changes in Physical Vacuum density are analyzed.

Источник: — Aleksei Savchenko «Energy Nature of Configurational (mixing) Entropy

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