Г.Д. Шабанов Coulomb Synthesis

G. D. Shabanov, O. M. Zherebtsov, and B. Yu. Sokolovskii Konstantinov Institute of Nuclear Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Gatchina, Leningradskaya oblast, 188350 Russia e-mail: discharge@gtn.ru; boris@pnpi.spb.ru; shabanov@pnpi.spb.ru Received December 11, 2007
Abstract —The explosive emission of electrons and ectons plays a fundamental role in electric discharges of various types. We use these fundamental phenomena to show that, in electric discharges in the region of the functioning of ectons, electric fields on the order of atomic fields appear, where ions can be accelerated to ener- gies that lead to nuclear reactions. The mechanisms that determine the possibility of nuclear reactions have very fine tunings, which are difficult to attain using empirical approaches. We show this and arrive at the conclusion that the so-called cold synthesis is actually Coulomb synthesis. We suggest to call the mechanism considered in this work and leading to nuclear reaction “Coulomb synthesis.”


Источник: lenr.seplm.ru — Г.Д. Шабанов Coulomb Synthesis

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