Владимир Неволин "Hydrogen Transmutation of Nickel in Glow Discharge"

International Journal of Materials Science
ISSN 0973-4589 Volume 12, Number 3
(2017), pp. 405-409
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Hydrogen Transmutation of Nickel in Glow Discharge
Vladimir K. Nevolin
National Research University of Electronic Technology
Moscow, Russia.
Background: The possibility of the existence of subatomic hydrogen states
was theoretically predicted previously. Objectives: Prove that the
transmutation of elements is possible in specially prepared conditions for
hydrogen. Methodology:
By comparing the mass spectra of deposits on silicon substrates and target electrodes, it is shown that a change in the composition is observed in a magnetron Argon. Results:
An increase in the concentration of the nickel isotope Ni62 28 and a decrease
in the isotope concentration Ni6028 are shown. Conclusion: These results confirm the results obtained earlier in the heat generator Rossi, who worked
more than a year, found an increase in the isotope Ni62 28 due to a decrease in the proportion of
other isotopes.

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